Increase the Traffic on website of Truelancer i.e.

Introduction- Many of us are familiar with the freelancing industry. It’s widespread across the globe, meaning that the competition of making a new freelance platform stand out and grow is a big challenge. We, at HyprOnline are always eager to cater to such situations; where our knowledge is put to test. In the fall of 2018, the team of Truelancer approached us for boosting the traffic of their platform.

Solution- We began with on-page and off-page SEO of their website.

Benefit- Firstly, Increasing relevant traffic on the website, means more freelance people are landing onto the site and people, looking for freelancers are also coming to the website.

Secondly, this enhanced footfall ensures that both ways, the platform is experiencing growth in revenue. And there is no benefit better than improved ROI, is it?

truelancer case study
On-Page SEO / Off-Page SEO / Content Generation
12 Months
before after truelancer


  • In a tenure of 12 months, we gave Truelancer a total of 100k backlinks. Averaging to- 8k Backlinks each month! Sounds astonishing? But, YES, We did that! It can be observed in terms of ROI as well. 
  • Before they came to us, the SEO rank was somewhere in thirties, after we worked it came to just 5.
  • There monthly traffic earlier was of 30k users. When we dug up the SEO tactics, their monthly traffic rose up to 250k users!
  • Currently, a huge user base of around 1 Million people are making use of the extremely powerful freelance platform in India, viz. Truelancer.
On-Page SEO / Off-Page SEO / Local Listings
3 Months

To conduct competitor analysis and aim most appropriate keywords to increase site traffic via SEO

Introduction- India is a nation where becoming a doctor is not a cakewalk. There are lakhs of aspirants sitting for the graduate or post-graduate medical courses. And the same is the scenario of coaching institutes who train students to crack difficult medical entrance exams, namely NEET. So, withstanding such a crowded and vigilant market is in itself a big task. NeetPrep is such an online platform that helps student prepare for the medical journey via their crash courses for NEET preparation.

Solution- Analyzed competitor websites and keyword data for the first few days, then offered them a fool-proof strategy to promote site traffic not only via on-page or off-page SEO but also utilize local SEO.

Benefit- Our Hypr SEO team buckled up their boots when we analyzed the first few competitors of Soon after, we started creating numerous backlinks for the website. This all yielded a great boost in their website traffic. 

case study neetprep | hypronline


The website rank earlier was 15, and after 3 months of hard work it came to the First page of Google at 7th rank! Also, their monthly footfall was 3lacs before coming to us and after our SEO work, they were welcoming became a million users each month.

Way to Hypr Learning!