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How Content Promotion Benefits the Digital Marketing: Proven Content Distribution Strategies

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Everyone writes content so that it can add some value to the reader’s life; eventually trying to make the earth a better place in terms of your particular niche. But, just think and see that there are 100 people who read your blog post daily. It’s good, but wouldn’t you like it if it is read by 1000 more people? Or 10000 more people every day? Yes! There was an independent study conducted by Derek Halpern which recommends maintaining an 80:20 ratio between content writing and content promotion.

Many bloggers and agencies having a blog section are not aware of blog promotion strategies. And they keep complaining that the blog has high-quality content but it isn’t getting the expected traffic! Nothing is rocket science in this world if you are willing to put in the effort. So, here we present to you all a content promotion checklist that you can find useful. Each time you think of writing a blog post, first go through all the points mentioned and keep a check on the blog growth.

The Hypr Content Promotion Checklist

First of all, let’s get to the main pointers that we will be discussing over here-


Isn’t planning a basic necessity for the success of any-to-all things in the world? Similarly, writing great content that is relevant to your audience is one thing. But, planning how to make millions of people read it is one totally different thing.

So, to begin with, one must plan a timeline of how to promote the blog for results. Research and define a persona for your targeted readers. Additionally, you may work with a copywriter to write nice and apt. Promotion copy.

Next, let us analyze the timeline planned in detail. The first and foremost thing is Search engine optimization. SEO serves the position of a backbone in any content piece. Every content being written digitally will be read by people googling a certain set of keywords that are specifically targeted by the writer. SEO plays a major role in the digital marketing of any brand and it begins solidifying straight from the quality of SEO keywords in the blog content.

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After the article is fool-proof written and edited as per SEO, move to Social Media. Much of the audience is present on social media platforms these days. So, pushing your blog on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. is a very important step. Don’t forget to use catchy captions and just fine hashtags!

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This step can also be done before the social media step or after, with no hard rules. But, don’t miss it anyhow, viz. Email promotion. Always push your blog to all the subscribers you have via email. Try to keep the email personal, so that the traction does increase relatively.

Content syndication is also a crucial step if you really want your content to be read by many. There are many external publishing sites like medium or Here, you can additionally publish your content. If you want, you may import the whole content or write an excerpt there and backlink to your blog post.

Influencer Marketing

If you have been following celebrities on Instagram lately, you must know the value of influencer marketing. Almost more than three fourth of the population trusts the voice of their influential celebrities while making any decision. So, if you can reach out to influencers in your niche and ask them to shoot out a post for your blog on any social media platform; you’ll certainly grab a new load of readers.

In addition to these, you can try Facebook bots and messenger to link your blog page and get some extra clicks. We have left out one big platform in our checklist. And we have kept it thoughtfully for the end; because it is very effortful. Yes, we are talking of podcasts and vlogging here. Youtube has a population more than that of China! If you can make audio or video blogs explaining the content of your post, it’ll open room for a whole new set of audience.

Are you feeling the Vibe?

After all this hustle, we trust that you have got a few thousand readers to increase on your blog. But, you are craving for more. Yeah, that’s the spirit of a true writer. Activate Reading!

But, now we have to take the help of funds. Because the next step in our checklist is paid search and paid social. All the search engines and social media platforms have a paid marketing algorithm, where you can push your content as a campaign. And as and when people click the content to read/view it, you get charged. It's a not-so-traditional content promotion strategy, yet worth it if you know how to get the most out of a paid campaign.

Congratulations! You are all set on your way for a viral content piece. Write Good Content and promote it well! And, keep experimenting with various strategies mentioned here.

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