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How Voice Search is impacting Digital Marketing Strategies

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

In this modern marketing era, the world is moving towards hands-free search i.e voice search, which is a widespread landscape for the present world. As many as 55% of teenagers are using voice search daily due to the development of conversational AI, which is impacting the strategies of Digital marketing.

Here are some key strategies you should employ to capitalize on evolving voice search trends and adapt to your digital strategy moving forward:

  • Content beyond Page 1 on search: Previously, appearing anywhere on page one of a Search Engine Result Page (SERP) was considered a success, as users were accustomed to scrolling and glancing past top search results. However, voice search is changing that. With the growth of voice search, users get relevant information in the first optimized result for the typed search, which means second-third rank results are not good anymore.

  • Optimize content for voice search: Voice search has made reaching many audiences more challenging. Understanding exactly what & how users are searching for it is the key to successfully creating content that attracts organic voice search traffic. To optimize your website with a voice assistant, now we consider what search is typed or spoken concerning the context and intent. As with voice assistants, users search for long-tail keywords to get relevant information. In addition to that, one must add full sentences as targeted keywords to get in search results as well as answer as many spoken questions as much possible for the results.

Want to employ voice search optimization for your website content? Let us help you to do that. Contact today for more information.

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